Winchester: The House that Ghosts Built

The trailer for the movie Winchester: The House that Ghosts Built has arrived! And a pretty snazzy poster with it! Starring Helen Mirren and Jason Clarke, the film's release was moved up to February 2, 2018, which is fairly rare for a horror film. Are they excited to show it to us, or trying to hit that home video market window for October 2018?

Having lived down the block from the Winchester Mystery House I can attest to its weirdness. I've taken just about every tour there except the one they launched this past spring called the "Explore More Tour" that takes you to the fabled round room. I've caught a glimpse of the ghost in a basement and saw a supposedly locked door open in front of me purposefully. Yes, there's a difference in how a door opens and this wasn't some errant wind issue.

For anyone wanting to ruin all the fun of a spooky ghost story, and to prove that I am both an equal opportunity type and a man of sy-ance, please check out the site The Truth About the Winchester House or read the ultimate buzzkill book, Ghostland.

Anyhoo, happy Friday and enjoy the trailer!