Better Watch Out ~ Review

Oh the holidays! A time to snuggle up with loved ones and watch Christmas horror movies. Yes, horror. Seems like scary movies keep invading the yuletide season as movie viewers seek a refuge from the ceaseless joy, merriment, and fruitcake.

This year's best new offering is called Better Watch Out and while far from great, it is a very entertaining film. The teenager has the hots for his babysitter who is being stalked by a stranger during one unfortunate night. To reveal any more would spoil the absurdly implausible fun of this Home Alone redux with a real mean streak. The big reveal happens early in the film and the cat-and-mouse game is mostly a nonstarter (since said cat is tied up and gagged), but the premise is interesting enough to keep you invested through the end.

Also interesting, the original title "Safe Neighborhood" was smartly changed to a much more holiday-centric title to delight general audiences – but not delightful enough to warrant a wide theatrical release. It's available to stream on the Shudder app and this week's 99¢ rental on the iTunes store.