Blood Moon 2018

Did you catch the Blood Moon this morning? It wasn't just a blood moon, but also a Super Moon (when the moon is closest to the Earth), and a Blue Moon (second full moon in one month). The lunar eclipse is caused when the shadow of Earth falls across the moon and the resulting scattered light looks red (just like a sunset).

I can only imagine our ancient ancestors looking up at the night sky in terror as the moon changed to a bloody color. Obviously it was a sign from the gods of impending doom. Even today, people like ministers John Hagee and Mark Blitz declared the tetrad of lunar eclipses that occurred between April 2014 and September 2015 (coinciding with the Jewish holidays mind you) was a sign of the beginning of the apocalypse according to the Bible, Book of Joel Acts 2:20 and Revelation 6:12. Thankfully they wrote books and guides to help you through the end of days.

No doubt this celestial event was quite impressive, especially living in California where we have the best seat in the house. If anything it demonstrates that the heavens continue to operate like clockwork, with nothing amiss. I'd be more frightened if these events suddenly happened off kilter, which would signal a great imbalance.

So next on the doomsday calendar is the "Super Bowl asteroid". This a smaller asteroid less than 1 mile wide but still classified as a PHA (potentially hazardous asteroid) since it passes Earth at a scant 2.6 million mile distance (very small distance in space terms) every 16 years.

Although more immediately impressive is the "Halloween asteroid" which looks like a skull in certain angles that will make a return visit in mid-November. This one is passing at a much more comfortable 300 million miles away.

Credit: J. A. PeƱas/SINC