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Scary Movie Previews

The first half on 2018 has been on fire with some great scary movies ( A Quite Place , Hereditary , and for a select few Winchester ). Here are the big releases to expect for the second (dark?) half of the year. The Nun (opens September 7) We finally get to know the origins of that creepy nun from The Conjuring 2 in this prequel set at the Carta Monastery in southern Transylvania (Romania). It stars Taissa Farmiga (younger sister of Vera Farmiga who plays Lorraine Warren in the Conjuring Universe films). Suspiria (opens November 2) This remake of the beloved Dario Argento classic had a tumultuous road (gaining and losing a director and cast) but has now been completed with a new cast that includes Dakato Jasckson, Tilda Swinton and Chloe Grace Moretz. The story revolves around an American joining a dance academy with a sinister history. Down a Dark Hall (opens August 17, limited/VOD) Based on a YA novel, this film adaptation pits the tro

2018 Mid-Year Scary Movie Report

We’re at the halfway mark of 2018 and I'm catching up with horror films. There's already been some great and entertaining movies this year with A Quiet Place ,  Hereditary, Winchester, and Ghost Stories  but there's so many other films released via video-on-demand and streaming services. Here's my thoughts on a few of those. Mom and Dad Nicolas Cage's over-the-top lunacy is finally utilized appropriately in Mom and Dad and even gives this film a chaotic charm. The unspeakable concept that parents want to kill their kids is unique and shamefully entertaining, but it quickly runs out of steam. With no third act, it feels like the filmmakers couldn’t or didn’t care to figure out an ending, ultimately making this a real disappointment. D The Ritual A group of men go into the woods to rekindle their bond after a tragedy separated them. Unfortunately stumble into a surreal nightmare to test them as humans. The dread builds and the moody atmosphere and darkne

"Hereditary" Is a Modern Classic

I’ve been thinking – no, obsessing – about Hereditary to no end. It's a transgressive experience that echoes the best horror of all time, and defiantly proceeds at changing or rather eliminating the formula. Yes, it’s overworked at times and the pacing makes it feel like a film from another generation, but there has not been a film so deeply disturbing, unsettling, or effective at breaking down the mechanics of fear on both conscious and subconscious levels. This is a horror movie for thinking adults that doesn't pander to the audience, demands investment, and defies conventions. At face value, Hereditary is a melancholy drama that primarily deals with grief of a disconnected family that can’t escape tragedy. The mother (a sensational performance by Toni Collette) is a detached artist who works on creepy miniature replicas of her house and family. The son is emotionally battered and floundering. The younger daughter appears to have has some some developmental challenges and

The Halloween Trailer is Here!

The Halloween (2018) trailer has premiered today after much teasing on social media. It looks absolutely fun and may finally wash out the rancid taste of Rob Zombie's reimagining. It stars Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role as Laurie Store and Nick Castle as Michael as a direct sequel to the first two films (ignoring all the sequels that came after). Director Davis Gordon Green and writer Danny McBride met with John Carpenter prior to film being greenlit, got his approval on the script, and Carpenter even agreed to score the movie. Here's the official site  and the movie opens October 19. YouTube

Monster Horns

Memorial Day marks the start of my Halloween build and I'm happy to report that my work is coming along. As I've mentioned before, this year's theme – Monster House – is a completely new build in a scale that I'm not used to working it. It'll be HUGE so basically taking over the entire garage. I started with the horns that will be sitting on the roof. After some measuring and feedback, I decided these horns will be about 45" tall and about 85" in circumference to be just noticeable on the house. They'll stand out in the darkness with a little fluorescent paint and complementary lighting. THE PLAN The horns will sit on a gabled roof but we often have very high winds. So I engineered a sectional wood frame (easier to carry in sections to the roof) that would use gravity, a non-skid backing, a few bricks and some rope to stay put on the roof. Plus horns have a rather aerodynamic shape. To build, I used chicken wire frame along with PVC pipe to suppor