Scary Movie Previews

The first half on 2018 has been on fire with some great scary movies (A Quite Place, Hereditary, and for a select few Winchester). Here are the big releases to expect for the second (dark?) half of the year.

The Nun (opens September 7)
We finally get to know the origins of that creepy nun from The Conjuring 2 in this prequel set at the Carta Monastery in southern Transylvania (Romania). It stars Taissa Farmiga (younger sister of Vera Farmiga who plays Lorraine Warren in the Conjuring Universe films).

Suspiria (opens November 2)
This remake of the beloved Dario Argento classic had a tumultuous road (gaining and losing a director and cast) but has now been completed with a new cast that includes Dakato Jasckson, Tilda Swinton and Chloe Grace Moretz. The story revolves around an American joining a dance academy with a sinister history.

Down a Dark Hall (opens August 17, limited/VOD)
Based on a YA novel, this film adaptation pits the troubled girls at the Blackwood Boarding School against the paranormal. The trailer features the enchanting Uma Thurman in her gothic finery, and is directed by Spanish director Rodrigo Cortes who's has an interesting body of work (Buried, Red Lights, Grand Piano).

The House With A Clock In Its Walls (opens Septmeber 21)
This adaptation of the 1973 children's book, described as an American gothic fantasy horror film is directed by Eli Roth (uh-oh, sorry kids) and written by Eric Kripke (who created the tv show Supernatural).

The Little Stranger (opens August 31)
Set in the 1940s this adaptation of the 2009 gothic novel involves a family who holds terrible secrets in a dilapidated mansion in Warwickshire, England.

The First Purge (opens July 4)
The fourth sequel in the Purge franchise takes us way back to the beginning to show us how the night of unpunished killing started.

The Meg (opens August 10)
Jason Statham faces off a giant prehistoric shark in this perfectly timed Jaws update. Take that Shark Week!

Anna and the Apocalypse (Dec 7 limited release)
Okay sit down for this one: A Christmas Zombie Musical! I know.!!! It sounds utterly unique, crazy, and likely the best gift we'll get this year.

Also coming soon are:

Halloween (open October 19) - See my post here. YES!!

Slender Man (tentatively August 24) – Looks like the internet will win this one. A few reports suggest that distribution of the film is in limbo after many on the internet, including me, have called "too soon" for capitalizing on the real tragic event on which the movie is based.

Overlord (opens October 26) - This J.J. Abrams produced D-Day war movie may or may not have anything to do with Cloverfield saga. So far there's no real trailers, artwork or much else for the secretive project.

Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween (October 12) – Slappy the psychotic dummy will be leading this story for this sequel to the big-budget 2015 film. Jack Back is coming back, sort of, as the voice of Slappy. They must be working around the clock on the CGI for this one since there's no trailers yet.

The Predator (opens September 14, maybe) - This reboot/sequel seems to getting trashed online and it hasn't even been seen. The reschedule shuffle for the film (first opening in March, then February, then August and now September) doesn't bode well and it's creators have been pretty defensive on Twitter. Yikes.

Unfriended: Dark Web (July 20) – This found footage followup to 2014's shockingly not terrible film has surprised us all with an unnecessary sequel.