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2018 Late Summer Scary Movie Report

The Endless From the duo that brought us the Lovecraftian Spring , comes this ambitious sophomore feature. It’s puzzling, relentlessly obtuse, and generally polished for an indie.  This could have been a great film, but instead is a good film. At its surprisingly gooey core is the story of two brothers attempting to reconcile after abandoning a cult and dealing with some vague aftermath. Their solution is numbing half conversations (men, am I right) and a misguided attempt at understanding their feelings by returning to the cult. Plot wise it  delivers on its lofty promise. Unfortunately, the emotional impact doesn’t quite resonate mainly because of the tepid writing that reduces the honorable but amateurish lead performances to stoic, repetitive caricatures. You can tell these actors (who are also the co-directors) are true friends but they never once convince us that they’ve lived their characters’ lives and never achieve the brotherly dynamic integral to the plot. The resolution

A Brief & Curious History of Yankee Candle's Boney Bunch

Love them or hate them Yankee Candle 's Boney Bunch have created a holiday tradition for many Halloween fans. These ceramic figurines each hold some kind of candle and portray whimsical smiling skeletons in all kinds of punny themes (Death by Chocolate, Head Chef). When the craze began in 2008, the retailer had no idea the kind of demand they would generate and quickly sold out of product. I was still getting catalogs in the mail long after everything was gone and many customers were quite irate. They came back a second year, and then another – preceded of course by they will-they or won't they return chatter. Parties were thrown in stores, with early hours, costumes, treats and special coupons for everyone. I went to several events to meet the Boneyheads. Everyone loved Halloween and shared stories of previous years purchases. Once the doors open, however, it was every person for themselves. There was grabbing, pushing, bartering, yelling, and even crying. Some people bought

The Ambitious Horror of The Terror

AMC’s new anthology series, The Terror , has been sitting on my DVR since premiering March 26 and concluding on May 21. I love a good naval yarn but was so badly burned with the ridiculous Pirates of the Caribbean movies and aimlessly bland Black Sails Starz series, so all 10 episodes sat like sad logs by a summertime fireplace.  But I gave it a go and so grateful I did. The Terror is an engrossing prestige horror aimed at adults with a superb cast, grand visuals, and taut dramatic storytelling that swiftly moves along – easily one of the finest series on cable today and it MUST be on your watch list. Be warned however that it’s violent, relentlessly gory, and very heartbreakingly tragic. Based on the novel by Dan Simmons, the story traces the 1845 lost expedition to the Arctic led by Captain Sir John Franklin (Ciarán Hinds) aboard the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. In traversing the icy region in hopes of finding the Northwest Passage, they ultimately become icebound, and as Captain

Halloween at Michaels is Impressively Gothic

Michaels definitely seems to have stepped up their Halloween game this year with some really interestingly gothic merchandise perfect for an apothecary. I've been to three Michaels and each has some crossover products and some whole lines unique to each store (only one carries the "full" Martha Stewart Halloween line). I asked the manager if they were getting the other items and she said no. Each store will carry some unique lines. What?! Has that always been the case? Anyhoo, I'm waiting for that one 40% off sale that's just around the corner. Here is what made my wish list.

Martha Stewart Is Mad for Halloween at Michaels

Browsing through my newly remodeled Michaels, I stumbled upon Martha Stewarts extensive NEW Halloween collection. The light up bats and wall-clinger bats are especially good (more realistic than cartoony). I counted three distinct themes/colors but the staff was still in the process of putting items out. It's great to see such a large and inspired collection after years of neglect. Is there hope for a new Halloween magazine this year as well?!?