AHS Apocalypse is a #TOA

In the first 20 minutes of American Horror Story: Apocalypse armageddon descends upon Los Angeles via missile strikes. Its pandemonium, the pace is of brisk, the terror is palpable as we witness our worst nightmare. It’s absolutely terrifying and there's no mistaking the mushroom cloud is happening.

The show quickly pivots and next we are deep underground in a spacious, well-appointed bunker created by a shadowy organization. The political and social commentary nods like the purple theme (red Republicans mixed with blue Democrats?), and survival of the fittest richest evoke modern struggles. “The stew is Stu” is one of the best line of the series. Joan Collins is campy. The grown up boy demon is mysterious. And there’s mutants and robots–ROBOTS!!!

Unfortunately most of this is by way of an absurd Hunger Games homage, where we’re expected to believe the world goes to hell yet somehow skilled seamstresses, costumers, and hairdressers survived to provide survivors with ornate clothing, theatrical makeup, and silly hair because people have a lot of time on their hands. Yet no one thought to fill the place with food? Really? There's also candles everywhere (no power after the apocalypse) filling the sealed cabin with copious amounts of carbon monoxide so there has to be an overworked central ventilation system that cleans and recirculates the air that is powered by... hamsters? Perhaps I'm getting too mired in details but we're not asked to suspend our disbelief – we’re asked to obliterate it. Horror depends of creating a plausible environment and then adding super elements that upset the balance.

Perhaps this place isn't a "real" place? A purgatory between worlds for these few people? The witches of Coven, who should all be dead, were finally introduced and most if not all of the characters we've seen are also now dead, so perhaps the show will pivot into something more watchable. As it stands, I’m prepared to label this silliest of seasons (and yet another squandered concept) as a #TOA (turd on arrival).