Best Scary TV Shows of 2018

The cold, dark days of January finally give me time to catch up on scary tv and movies. We don't get snow here but lots of overcast skies and rainy, foggy days so the atmosphere is set for some awesome marathons. Here's a list of my favorite 2018 tv shows (my movie list is coming soon!).

The Best Scary TV Shows of 2018
  1. The Haunting of Hill House is fine horror literature with a brilliant story, direction, and acting.
  2. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is wickedly good fun and one of Netflix's all-time best series.
  3. The Terror is heady horror for adults with a top notch cast and production. Who doesn't like a good naval yarn?
  4. Ash Vs. Evil Dead ended its short, glorious run with a bloody hilarious season. Goodbye Ash–forever and ever!
  5. Preacher added Betty Buckley as a swamp witch – and God as a dog! – and cast a fantastic, fun spell.
  6. Castle Rock is a slow burn that doesn't quite catch fire but is rich with characters and story.
  7. Eli Roth's History of Horror was like a great conversation about the horror genre with friends. 
  8. Sharp Objects is horror-tinted drama with a creepy mystery about grisly murders and possible serial killer in a small southern town. The performances are stellar and the final scene is mind-blowing.

Honorable Mentions

Outcast finally showed up for a final bow at Starz and another good show bites the dust.
Stan Against Evil continued its amusing snark and deadpan indie humor.
The Purge was tamed for TV but also exists as a different, slowburn extended feature.
Channel Zero: The Dream Door is imaginative and often horrific but loses momentum after an early reveal and too much anti-climatic personal drama.

The Disappointments of 2018
  1. The X-Files is really not written well and failed to prove why it needed to return other than fan love for the characters, conspiracy, and aliens.
  2. Westworld became an incomprehensible mess with many unnecessary tangents. It demands too much from an audience and feels like the second coming of J.J. Abrams other misguided effort, LOST.
  3. Midnight, Texas continued its odd, dim-witted and befuddled march to extinction. 
  4. Lore retooled the formula adding great production values but removing its beloved narrator. Bad move Amazon.
  5. Charmed couldn't be less appealing with the dull writing and chemistry-free cast.
  6. American Horror Story: Apocalypse is the usual ridiculous hodge-podge and yet another missed opportunity. This could be edited down to a much more successful 6-episode mini-season called Coven Returns