Quick Takes: Braid, Happy Death Day 2U, Horror Noire, The Isle

Braid is a defiant debut from director Mitzi Peirone. As a hyperreality adrenalin experience, structure is not the concern. Visuals, frantic color, and aberrant cinematography tell the uncompromising, female-led #horror of intertwined friendship, insanity, and make believe. Brava!

Happy Death Day 2U is exactly what you need in a sequel. The story is advanced, goes battybananas, stays fun, gets smart, brings back the stellar Jessica Rothe, and gives you more that you expected. Director Christopher Landon @creetureshow knocks it out of the– dimension!

Horror Noire is essential viewing. It’s engrossing, educational, and deeply affecting to see examples of Black representation throughout film history. The significance of horror films from Night of the Living Dead to Get Out has never been more clear – and inspiring!

The Isle looks impressive & drips with a damp, brooding atmosphere. But a listless pace & insistence on characters splitting up betrays a story rooted in eerie Scottish lore/mythology. The further in, the farther the writing strays into lifeless whispers instead of howls.