Scary Movie Calendar 2019

Here’s a handy Scary Movie Calendar for 2019. I'll update it periodically, so if I missed something good, let me know: @scarrryjerry or comment below.

UPDATE: I've added a new page to the blog: SCARY MOVIE CALENDAR. It's my personal database (yes, I'm a geek) with release dates of upcoming horror, thriller, and genre-adjacent scary movies

UPDATE 2: I've had a few questions about my definition of "scary movie." I include horror, thrillers, sci-fi, and other genre-adjacent movies. Why? Many movies now defy specific genre categorization and may appeal to horror genre fans. Scary means things that cause fear, alarm, or unease whether it be from monsters, ghosts, aliens, serial killers, or just weird people doing awful things. Scholars, critics, and purists may rightfully disagree. (Here's a great primer on Film Genres Origins & Types.)