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Happy Pride! I'm Gay for Horror

It's the last day of Pride 2019 and I wanted to share an article I wrote for . The editor put out a call for contributors on Twitter and I was selected for publication, my first outside of this blog! It's one thing to call yourself a writer and another to convince someone else you're a writer and have them publish you. Thank you Terry for giving me the opportunity to share my writing and my experience with your readers. I'm Gay for Horror by Señor Scary Growing up in 80’s southwest Tejas, there were three things to do in my border town: sweep up dust, eat, and watch movies. You could also go to church and the good Catholics were eager to sit on your shoulders and shine a flashlight on your sins. I once asked a priest about sins. The greatest was not murder or adultery but being gay! Early on, I suspected that I might be different because I lingered in the JCPenney men’s interior fashions, my brother told me I held my books like a girl because

DemonHuntr Is Looking for a Few Good Souls

DemonHuntr is dying to bring diversity to the horror genre but it needs your help! Created by Tim O’Leary ( Wolf Island, SGM seeks LTR in NYC ), this web series will be casting a horror comedy spell with a Sabrina/Evil Dead/Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibe – but now featuring LBGTQIA and people of color as lead characters! We are in a new era and representation matters. “Everyone is getting a seat the table,” says O’Leary. The crowdfunding campaign is underway raising over $12K towards their goal of $36,666. To contribute, please visit  today! Mr. O’Leary was kind enough to answer some of my probing questions about his views on queer horror, sex, and, yes, even, theatre. Señor Scary: I often hear that there are gay characters in almost every series now, so is targeted media like this really needed? Tim O'Leary: There’s a world of difference between having a gay character in a show and having the leads almost exclusively be in the LGBT community, and that d

The Doctor Sleep Trailer is Finally Here

Director Mike Flanagan ( The Haunting of Hill House, Oculus, Gerald's Game, Hush ) revealed the first trailer for DOCTOR SLEEP , the follow up to THE SHINING today on Twitter. If you haven't read the fantastic book, you might not know that it's not a direct sequel. Stephen King's book follows little Danny Torrance into adulthood (now played by Ewan McGregor) as he tries to fend off a tribe that preys on children with the shining. The tone is radically different, and fans looking for a return visit the bloody madness of the Overlook Hotel will be greatly disappointed. There are no ghosts here, only very bad people who hurt children. I have full faith in Flanagan to capture the spirit of the book as he excels in intimate stories of personal adversity, family dysfunction, and quests for redemption. It opens November 8.

Crazy about "American Psycho: The Musical"

The trend of turning horror movies into farcical pop musicals continues with the mostly successful American Psycho: The Musical . You get to experience the film on stage, mostly, with the addition of a thumping 80s electronic score. The original songs by Duncan Sheik work well, but these are interspersed with tedious snippets of classic 80s songs, which take you right out of the moment. Presumably this was done to give the cast a chance to execute numerous costumes changes or wipe the blood from their bodies and stage. The musical is fun, zippy, and brash, but the success rests squarely on the broad shoulders of the actor in the lead role of Patrick Bateman. In the  Ray of Light Theatre ’s West Coast premiere production, the charismatic, tall and handsome Kipp Glass perfectly fills Patrick’s tighty-whities. He’s oozing cocky confidence and antsy lunacy by way of crazy bulging eyes, irritable intensity, and impeccable line delivery. His singing is on point and he truly embodies the