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AHS: 1984 Keeps It Tight & Wicked

Have I discovered the secret to enjoying American Horror Story , or was it just a good season? I went into 1984 with less than zero expectations after the abominations of Cult and Apocalypse . I assumed it would be tiresome affair of ostentatious turds hitting a bejeweled fan, and thus relegated it to a laundry folding show. After the first episode, I was frightened at how amused I was. There were callbacks to beloved 80s slashers and a cast of dumb teens that couldn’t make a good decision to save their lives. Then I continued having fun with episodes 2 and 3. Surely a fluke, or perhaps a flu. What the fresh hell was going on? Did they change showrunners? Writers? No. AHS decided to give up its portentous nature and just have fun. 1984 took a campy approach with a killer serial vibe, chock full of delightful genre nods, radically self-conscious acting and often terrible dialogue. But it’s set in the 80s so it totally works. Also, it stuck to its main conceit, kept it simple, no

Halloween 2019 Wrap Up... Almost!

And that's a wrap on Halloween 2019... almost... we have two more nights of our Dia de los Muertos display since today and tomorrow are the actual Mexican holidays. We ended with a record-breaking night of 423 trick 'r treaters and an additional estimated 800 spectators. And we DIDN'T run out of candy! Note to self: we used about 7 bags of candy. Much like the Macy's Day Parade heralds in the Christmas season, the Midsummer Scream convention in Long Beach  ushers in the wicked Halloween season. I attended this year and I met the lovely Miranda from , Mike from , and even hung out with my idol, Sam from the 2007 movie  Trick 'r Treat . Next year the convention expands to THREE days so book those rooms now and see you there. Something wickedly colorful came this way and right onto my lawn with a DREAM collaboration with Britta Peterson and Ghoulish Glen of . We created a second incarnat