2020 Acquisitions for My Haunted Library

My Haunted Library is one of my prized possessions. With over 600 books in my collection, they cross multiple genres and include everything from Halloween history, cooking and crafts to scary movie companions, rare art books, and paranormal investigation. I add a handful every year, scouring Amazon, blogs and Twitter for updates on new releases. Here are some of my recent acquisitions for 2020:

Pumpkins and Party Themes
by Roxanne Rhoads
This book cleverly groups invitation, craft, pumpkin carving projects to explain how to carry a theme across a party.

Tricky Treats
By Vincent Amiel
A stunning hardcover book with recipes that cover all the courses with some really ghoulish recipes, like the eyeball truffles and syringe martini. 

The Wicked Baker
By Helena Garcia
This beautifully produced hardcover book is a wealth of creepy baking projects with gorgeous photos throughout. 

Fright Favorites
By David J. Skal
One of my favorite authors overviews 31 great horror movies giving historical context, photos and artwork. A really fun read for horror fans.

Trick ‘r Treat: Sam’s 10th Anniversary Collection
By Michael Dougherty & Various Artists
This hardcover book collects the previously release graphic novels into one wickedly delightful tome and those waiting for the movie sequel, its right in these pages.

World’s Scariest Places
By Michael Freeman
This compendium of some of the best haunted locations is chock full of photos and digest overviews – perfect for the paranormal enthusiast. 

Strange Frequencies
By Peter Bebergal
This is an absorbing read featuring stories of individuals at the crossroads of technology and metaphysical phenomenon. Can technology bridge the communication gap with the other side and really, should we be attempting this? (Thanks for gifting me this amazing read, Tarcher Perigree Books!)

Cursed Objects
By J.W. Ocker
A noteworthy collection of infamous things and their dreadful stories, filled with whimsical, monotone illustrations sure to appeal to teal fans. 

By Shannon Taggart
A large coffee-table book (now inexplicably out-of-print) is a celebration of spiritualism and features eerie images of mediums in trance states some with ectoplasm emissions.

Calling the Spirits: A History of Seances
By Lisa Morton
Another of my favorite authors impressively tackles the subject of communicating with the dead from its early instances to the rise of the Ouija board to the use of modern technology in use today. Fascinating!

The Library of Esoterica: Tarot
By Jessica Hundley, Johannes Fiebig, et al. 
This visual compendium of tarot art traces 600 years of history and tradition, explaining the meanings and the artwork used in cards. It’s a hefty tome to get lost into on a dark night. This is the first in a series. (Thank you Mike Mohebbi for this amazing gift. I will cherish it.)