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Best Horror Films of 2020

While 2020 will go down as the worst year ever, at least it has been a great year for horror movies. Here are my picks for the best of the best with everything from grim trauma to lighthearted comedy to visual sci-fi madness. I normally pick 13 favorite movies but this year deserves a bonus 7, plus plenty of honorable mentions to round out the list.  1. The Dark and the Wicked - bleak, grim and terrifying haunted house film 2. Relic - family tragedy that is well-acted with an unexpected ending 3. His House - chilling haunted house tale with a unique refugee setting 4. Color Out of Space - bizarre Lovecraftian nightmare 5. Extra Ordinary - hilarious, goofy fun abroad with ghost busters 6. Gretel & Hansel - the classic story gets a beautiful and dark artistic makeover 7. Host - a surprisingly effective and timely ghost story 8. La Llorona - urgent storytelling with deeply resonate themes 9. The Invisible Man - big budget thrills done right with a great lead performance 10. An

It's Krampustime!


Krampusnacht is Upon Us

Before there was light, there was dark and thus begins the folklore of Krampus celebrated throughout Central Europe and now spreading throughout America’s horror-obsessed fandom. It’s simple. If you are good, Saint Nicholas will reward you with gifts. If you are bad, Krampus will come and take you away.  Some anthropologists date the horned half-man, half-goat demon to pre-Christian times, and like-visages appeared in various cultural holidays alongside the then-emerging Saint Nicholas figure. As Christianity spread, chains appeared on Krampus as a way to bind the devil. He was a fearsome symbol of warning, made more humorous over time and completely absent from America’s holiday celebrations, represented now only by the coal Santa leaves to misbehaved children. Krampusnacht is celebrated on the night of December 5, prior to the Feast of Saint Nicholas which is celebrated in several European countries on December 6. In modern times, citizens dress up in the furry Krampus costumes, nois