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Netflix's "Surviving Death" Spurs Existential Wonder

  From a young age I was exposed to death. I could understand but not process   what happened, and I asked what came after death. My father told me I could travel through the entirety of the cosmos and learn everything I didn’t learn about life. This is how my lifelong fascination about the afterlife began. After my father passed, I pictured him visiting the stars and it brought me peace. Netflix’s new series Surviving Death tackles the afterlife with six well-presented episodes of straight-forward investigation, historical review, case studies, and interviews with researchers in the fields most closely associated with the subject. There are no experts or single line of study in the afterlife, but there are practitioners that specialize in everything from mediumship to ghost hunting to doctors who study end-of-life dreams and visions. The show offers no judgment or opinions about the validity of process, but it does feel supported, avoids unnecessary spectacle, and offers some compell

How to Better Enjoy Movies... and Life!

A year ago I joined Letterboxd ,   a social networking site where users log the movies they watch, add reviews, and follow others with similar interests to discover films. It’s a haven for movie geeks with a calling for making lists, and I imagined users would express their joys about movies with complete abandon. But spoiler alert: so much of the commentary is snark, complaints, and outright bitchery. These are people who supposedly  love movies  and use their time to write trash about them. Like friends, family and life, movies aren’t perfect but there’s usually something to enjoy, and it's said that every film made is someone's favorite.  I'm currently in a film studies program and I've begun to experience movies is a new, more thoughtful and artful way. My entire personal journey is marked by the movie watching experience, from childhood where I watched movies with my father and brothers, through adolescence where they showed me a world I was about to start explorin

Shock Docs on Trvl & Discovery+

While I looked away, The Travel Channel delightfully morphed into an exciting outlet for all things paranormal and weird (also its now called TRVL?). This past summer they announced a new series of documentaries called Shock Docs and after the first one aired, I didn’t hear anything else. It’s not surprising since they don’t seem to market their specials well, have an elusive social/blogger presence, and their website appears hopelessly out-of-date most of the time. (Update: Found a page on Facebook dedicated to ShockDocs .) Perhaps their efforts have been spent on launching the new Discovery+ premium streaming service launching today, January 4. My guess is that they've saved up these documentaries as exclusive original  content for the streaming service.  Here are the one’s I’ve read about so far, including two unaired documentaries that both have (hidden) pages on the Discovery+ site. (FYI: Verizon Unlimited customers get a free subscription, otherwise you'll have to sign

Feliz Año Nuevo!

One year is dead and buried (screw you 2020 for so many awful things including ruining Halloween), and another kicks off with a fresh new blog design (to make it much easier to read) and like Miss Patti LaBelle sings, ooh-oh ooh-oh I got a new attitude.  I've reopened Comments section after last year's onslaught of spam (over 3900 spam comments). If you haven't ever commented or connected with me, please do. I've met some great people online to chat about Halloween, horror and everything in between and now more than ever we need a sense of community. I'm always looking for contributing writers, so please let me know if you're interested! Get new posts delivered to your email inbox! Click the three lines on the upper left corner of the site to open the sidebar and find the "Subscribe" section. Enter your email and hit the button. You will immediately get an email to confirm your subscription. New posts are delivered as they are published.  There's