The Best Haunted Attractions

Want to have some scary fun? If you like haunted mazes, hayrides, or corn field mayhem these are the attractions to see. Check their sites for hours of operation, rules and fast passes. See my tips below.

Where to Find the Fright Stuff


Haunted attractions swing open their rusty gates in late September and finding the closest one to you has never been easier, thanks to these three sites below:

Americas best haunts.png

13 Tips to Survive Your Haunted Attraction Visit

  1. Discounts tickets are sometimes offered early in the season but these preview performances may not give your the "full experience" as cast members are still being hired and effects are being worked on. That said look for promos on their social media channels and websites.

  2. Buy tickets in advance on their website and avoid the first of two long lines. Line 1 is to buy a ticket. Line 2 is to get inside. Late in the season the "fast pass" are worth the extra bucks.

  3. Get there early as lines form quickly after dusk. Many haunts open between 6–7pm or earlier. Like going to an amusement part be prepared for wait times.

  4. Don't be a jerk, don't touch anything, don't wear costumes or masks, or don't be completely inebriated. They will not let you enter, kick you out, and won't give you refunds.

  5. Parking fees are usually not included in ticket prices, and often need to be paid in cash upon arriving.

  6. No phone in your hand inside the maze, unless you want it slapped out of your hand, stepped on, crushed, and/or lost. They will not stop the attraction to look for your belongings. 

  7. Avoid loose, dangling jewelry unless you want it accidentally ripped from your ear, neck, arm or ankle.

  8. Wear comfortable shoes. Many haunted houses are set up in fields, so the paths can be treacherous and often muddy, so maybe no silk ballgowns, Nike Limited Editions, or Jimmy Choo's.

  9. Have a snack before you get there. Being scared and all that walking will wear you out, and you want to avoid the pricy concession stands. Again have cash on hand.

  10. Minimum of 13 years old is generally advised for many haunted attractions. If you have to ask if it's too scary for your kid, your kid is not old enough. But only you know your kid's tolerance.

  11. Take a flashlight or preferably a light stick. The moody atmosphere of a haunted attraction doesn't offer much in the way of reading lights. Also inevitably your party might separate and in a dark park its easier to wave with a light stick.

  12. Take photos with no flash if you want to remember the ambience. Just set a timer and prop your phone on a stable surface. Also flash blinds the rest of us around trying to have a scary time.

  13. It's okay to be scared and live in the moment but keep your fists and punches to yourself. Sadly, staff members are trained to duck and cover as many patrons get a little too worked up. Hitting someone even in this situation is assault!