Halloween is a perfect time to throw a party. Start with a wicked menu. Below are some of my favorite recipes with just a touch of wickedness. Also liven up the party with some games, suggested playlists, and a few party theme suggestions.

My Favorite Sites for Eerie Party Inspiration

Illustrated witch with wild orange hair and pointy hat

How to Conjure a Wicked Party

It doesn't take a magic spell to whip up a wicked party, but take hosting seriously, plan ahead, heed a few tips to ensure everyone survives the night.

Save the Date

Signs point to many parties in October. Let them know at least 4 weeks in advance about yours. Use Evite, social media, email them like an old person or just text them like a young one. Also let them know if you have lots of expectations upfront (costumes required, must play party games, bring a dish to share) so they can prepare themselves or hard pass.

Pick a Theme

Costume parties are the default, but consider other themes like game nights, dinner party, murder mystery, or even a paint night. If you have a regular old costume party, have a contest built around a specific theme (80s, Monster Mash, Villains). Some guests will not participate but have a selection of masks in case they feel peer pressure.


Feed Your Fiends

Part of the fun of parties is the mountains of bad food: chips, cake, soda. Shell out for good appetizers or cater a few items from your favorite restaurant. If you have a potluck assign specific items to bring or you'll end up with a table of salsa, chips and cupcakes. Dietary concerns are always legit so label your food and have options for everyone.

Summon a Good Flow

If you put all the food on one table everyone will crowd around it like seagulls around a washed up finger. Spread it out. Fiends will venture out and mingle and there's less food shaming with fewer witnesses. But ensure your jellied eyes remain cold, and your gator nuggets remains hot. If people get sick it should be because you cursed them, not because of food poisoning.


Keep Cleaning & On Time

You might be awful at planning if you're reading this, so listen carefully. Clean the stinky bathroom, swiffer the dusty furniture, finish decorating before your fiends get there. No wants to see your sweaty carcass huffing around the house. It makes people uncomfortable.


Creates Unique Spaces

No matter how small your shack of house, you should still have noisy areas for music, clean food areas, and a kickback lounge area. Inevitably some people will want to smoke something so have ashtrays of some kind. And no matter how dark and frightful your ambience, have one room with bright light and healing potions in case someone does fall ass over tea kettle because of the sangria.

Enchant the Wallflower

There's always one goblin that hangs out in the kitchen or follows you around. Have them pass out food, make them a bartender, or send them on trash collecting runs. Your friend will be forced to mingle with humans, you get all the food eaten, and you get clean up as you go.

Circulate & Be Attentive

A host should enjoy the party but should also attend to the awful needy guests. Socialize, circulate and take incriminating photos for later. Save a tray of food for late arrivals. Keep an eyeball on the libations and pass out water and Gatorade. It's dreadful to deal with a smashed guests. It's worse to have a sloshed host who's neglecting the coven.


Ending the Night

When signs point to being done, end the night. Get rides for the inebriated. Pack leftover eyes of newt in to-go containers and send them with guests. Look for things left behind like casserole dishes, hats, capes and other crap you don't to keep for yourself. Some lingering fiends won't get it and its reasonable to tell them that the party is over or hand them a vacuum to get the point across.