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Things I learned from HANNIBAL

Finally caught up with the first season finale of Hannibal which ended with the inevitable. Poor Will Graham. The creator of Pushing Daisies and Heroes, merged his whimsical nature with innermost darkness, and created the most disturbing network show ever broadcast. The harrowing performances from Hugh Dancy (as Will) and Mads Mikkelsen (as Hannibal), the unnerving and ominous soundtrack, the nightmarish visions, and of course, the most brutal deaths combined in one horrific and unforgettable first season. (Thankfully, a last-minute second season renewal was announced after several other networks were interested in taking the show.)

Here are 13 things I learned by watching Hannibal:

  1. Edible mushrooms can grow on a human as long as they are covered in a thin layer of manure.

  2. Scully's still got it – why doesn't Gillian Anderson have her own show?

  3. Violence is on TV is okay unless it's disturbing – then you get yanked from airing in Utah.

  4. There are many culinary uses for organs, none of which look appetizing.

  5. Lawrence Fishburne can be a good actor in scenes with incredibly talented co-stars.

  6. Molly Shannon is downright scary (download the unaired episode 4: Ceuf).

  7. Stretched cat guts are used to make stringed instruments.

  8. Blackberry phones have incredible stand-by time.

  9. If you can't draw a clock face, your brain might be swelling due to an auto-immune syndrome.

  10. I finally understand the difference between "sympathy" and "empathy".

  11. A Columbian necktie is the nastiest way to die.

  12. Cotard's Syndrome is a rare mental disorder that makes you believe you are dead or a ghost.

  13. Combing your hair at the wrong time & place can start a fireball.

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