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FRIGHTFUL  FUN  For  Halloween

I'm often asked what to do for fun during the Halloween season. My instant go to is scary movies, but I also enjoy haunted attractions when I want to be thrilled, haunted places when I want to learn about dark history or maybe see a ghost, and of course, there's the parties, costumes, and trips to the tarot card reader! 

Paranormal Activities

We Need To Talk About Costumes

Costumes and Halloween go hand in hand but I must confess a dark secret – I don't like wearing costumes. And yet, the creativity some people put in them is simply inspiring and infectious. So where do the unmotivated start? Here's a cheat sheet:

Terror Tunes: Senor's Halloween Playlists

Señor Scary's
Official Theme Song

Listen to "My Scary Halloween",  the official theme song composed for Señor Scary's Halloween site!
©2010 Troy Davis. All rights reserved.

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Haunted Places to Visit Before (or After?) You Die

Exploring the world through travel means one thing to me: find the closest haunted place to check off my bucket list! I learn about the regional folklore and hidden history that is otherwise not discussed in polite society. Here is a list of haunted places:

Is Being Scared a Good Thing?

Fear is subjective and we all have a threshold whether that's high or low. The act of being afraid is actually good for you with both positive physical and psychological effects. When you are scared, adrenaline is released, your heart rate increases, and your body gets a little cardiovascular workout. Being scared also reduces stress (just like laughing reduces stress), and by surviving a little fright, you can achieve the ultimate satisfaction of overcoming anxiety and maybe even cheating death. It’s all very empowering. San Francisco State University professor Jeff Leroux, said:


"We build up tension in our lives and we need a way to release it. Being scared or scaring others is a way to release that tension. Especially around Halloween you see people testing their boundaries of fear. The further those boundaries are pushed, the greater the payoff.”
(Oakland Tribune, 10/26/05)


Do You Like Scary Movies?

I'm a horror movie geek and watch hundreds of movies every year (check out my Letterboxd profile). Horror is art and art is subjective, but here are my recommendations for the best scary movies organized by decade:

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