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Van Oaks Props Tutorials

Graphic designer and prop master, Derek, offers tutorials on his YouTube channel that makes complex projects easy. He teaches you basic techniques that can be applied to a number of projects and the sources for materials. If you become one his Patreon subscribers, you can even get access to one-on-one help for your projects. As a novice prop builder, I can't imagine a better deal.

How to Haunt Your House

The Mitchells Haunt Your House 

Shawn & Lynne Mitchell have crafted four remarkable books filled with inspiration and step-by-step instruction to craft your own Halloween decor. The authors shared some haunting advice with our readers: “A home haunt should always be about what you love best about Halloween, whether it’s the scares, the costumes, the candy, or all of the above. You don’t have to do a huge event to have to All Hollows' Eve fun. Start small. A spooky front door and entryway or a few handmade tombstones is the perfect place to indulge your creative energy.”


Eerie Elegance Entertains

Britta Peterson, Webmistress of the Dark, certainly knows her way around a party, but also creates full experiences for guests to her gorgeous Victorian estate. With the help of her resident engineer and food taster, Ghoulish Glen, she creates incredible Halloween displays. I'm also happy to be a part of her Scream Team where I take the role of human clamp (and occasional voice actor) very seriously. Get inspired at

More Frightful Inspiration

The Halloween community is a sharing community that offers all kinds of advice, tutorials and resources for projects. These are friendly makers and creative artists who share tutorials and inspiration freely!

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