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Below are the ever-growling lists of my favorite books, bloggers, websites, shops and more to create and celebrate the best Halloween. I hope you find these useful and hope your Halloween shopping addiction is somewhat under control compared to me. Happy Halloween!

My Haunted Library

No haunted house is complete without a library of dusty old books. My cherished collection contains books on Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, folklore, the occult, the paranormal, horror movie books, art books, and so much more.

Halloween History

It may surprise you to know of Halloween's darker origins that hail back to the Druids in ancient Ireland. It's a twisted path across the ages influenced by religion, mischief, and ultimately U.S. commercialism that defines our modern holiday.

Some of My Favorite Halloween Bloggers

How To Find Haunted Attractions

Haunted attractions swing open their rusty gates in late September and finding the closest one to you has never been easier, thanks to these three sites below:

Americas best haunts.png
Where To Start Your Paranormal Studies

DISCLAIMER: Vendors displayed throughout this site are not affiliated with I have no control over the nature, content or availability of those sites and inclusion does not necessarily imply endorsement of the products or views expressed within them. Likewise, artists, websites, and vendors included on this site do not necessarily recommend, agree with, or endorse the views expressed on Also, sites come and go. PLEASE let me know if you see something wrong or missing: contact me.

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