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Los  Muertos  Cemetery: la  LECHUZA (2023)

The story of La Lechuza comes the Rio Grande Valley of northern Mexico and Texas, but varies from region to region. It goes something like this: it's said that if you spot a giant white owl in the night sky is it likely La Lechuza – don't look at her face! She is a shapeshifting old witch set out to take revenge to drunk men who wander out late at night. She might lure them with a whistle or the sound of baby crying. Once she spots a target, she will follow them to the bitter end. Of course a girl's gotta eat, and La Lechuza is also know to grab a small child by the leg to take them back to her lair for dinner. So if you see an old woman walking out late at night, look towards her feet. She cannot hide her taloned feet! Read more about La Lechuza.



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