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My  Haunted  Library

As Autumn approaches, I retire to the library in the darkened east wing of my haunted mansion, light a crackling fire, and grab a bewitching book from my ever-growing collection. Below is a loathsome list of my favorite Halloween books.

Halloween History & Studies

David J. Skal

Author of Death Makes a Holiday, and The Monster Show   |

“Halloween is the quintessential American holiday. We grow up with the expectation that we can be anything we want in life, and Halloween is the one night of the year that actually makes good on the promise."

Halloween Decorating & Entertaining

Lesley Bannatyne

Halloween Author |

“I love Halloween because it's the only holiday we have left where we open our doors to strangers. Halloween draws a big circle around all of us–kids, alternative culture, dark music, yard decorators, crafters, artists–and gives us one night a year where creativity and chaos trump regular day-to-day life. There's incredible freedom in that.”

Halloween Eats & Treats

Lisa Morton

Author  |

“What I love most about Halloween is how it empowers people to be creative, whether making a costume (and as a kid I loved making my own costumes), living out the fantasy of being someone else, decorating their house, or giving people a playful scare with a haunted house.”

Pumpkin Carving & Eating

Chris Kullstroem

Author of Making a Monstrous Halloween  |

“Halloween is when the world transforms into the darkest underworld of our imaginations: filled with monsters and nightmares that we love to enter, embrace or run from screaming." 

Costumes & Make-up

Britta Peterson

Webmistress of the Dark  |

"Halloween is the most creative holiday. Not only are creative costumes a must, but so many varieties of decor can work for Halloween themes...and even better when you have fun making your own!"

Advanced Yard Haunting & Prop Building

Vintage Halloween & Nostalgia

Scary History, Commentary & Oddities

All About Scary Movies

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