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Dr. Evil and I, bought a house in 2009, bringing untold horrors to the neighborhood! Our home haunt started as a quaint porch set-up and grew every year attracting hundreds and then thousands of spectators and trick 'r treaters. The themes changed year to year, but in 2022 we launched a signature theme, Los Muertos Cemetery, which combines tombstones, skeletons, and Mexican folklore! 


Los Muertos Cemetery

The classic cemetery theme has been infused with figures from Mexican folklore like La Llorona (in 2022) and La Lechuza (in 2023). What other mystical and terrifying figures will emerge from the other side of the veil? Stay tuned!

award Winning haunt

Monster House

This was one my favorite themes and one of my neighbors favorite themes. I've alway loved big monster movies and thought, how can I turn my whole house into a monster? By adding 15 feet of teeth, an 8-foot tongue, two 4-foot giant horns, and a giant jittery eyeball!

award Winning haunt

Dia de los Muertos

Mexico's cultural holiday took over my Halloween display for three years, culminating in 2019's collaboration with Eerie Elegance who brought their stunning display to my house and won a Santa Clara People's Choice Award for best decorations. 

award Winning haunt

Witches, Ghouls & Spiders, Oh My!

From graveyard zombies, to three-headed witches, to giant toxic spiders, to Sam (the figure from the 2007 film Trick 'r Treat), I have explored a world of my own living nightmares. The later years are were I began exploring how to build my own props using paper mache, wire and wood.

award Winning haunt

The Early Years 2003-2008

Every story has a beginning and this is where my passion for Halloween took hold – in a haunted (yes-actually haunted) San Francisco flat and a suburban home next to a cemetery and down the street from the Winchester Mystery House! With just some simple decor here and there, this humble start led to what would become a major hobby ...and website ...and blog.

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