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After 13 years of haunting Santa Clara, California, a new tradition rises from the grave. Welcome to LOS MUERTOS CEMETERY, the latest evil-ution of my home haunt. I'm mixing a classic theme, adding a touch of Mexican folklore, and a love of all things horror to celebrate Halloween in Señor Scary style. Muy espooky!

award Winning haunt

My Past Horrors:

Haunting Santa Clara, CA Since 2009

I've spent many years scaring the neighborhood with so many different themes drawn directly from my nightmares. Take a look at some of my past work, which includes one of my favorites, Monster House!

award Winning haunt
award Winning haunt
award Winning haunt

The Early Years 2003-2008

Every story has a beginning and this is where my passion for Halloween took hold – in a haunted San Francisco flat and a suburban home next to a cemetery and down the street from the Winchester Mystery House! With just some simple decor here and there, this humble start led to what would become a major hobby ...and website ...and blog.

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