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Before Los Muertos Cemetery came to be, I changed themes of my yard haunt every year – like a lunatic with an endless budget, boundless energy, and storage capacity. Time and spirits have focused me on my new endeavors, but the evidence remains of all my past haunts. 

The Haunting of Santa Clara 2009–2021

I've spent many years scaring the neighborhood with so many different themes drawn directly from my nightmares. Take a look at some of my past work, which includes one of my favorites, Monster House!

award Winning haunt
award Winning haunt
award Winning haunt

The Early Years 2003-2008

Every story has a beginning and this is where my passion for Halloween took hold – in a haunted San Francisco flat and a suburban home next to a cemetery and down the street from the Winchester Mystery House! With just some simple decor here and there, this humble start led to what would become a major hobby ...and website ...and blog.

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