My Yard Haunts

My home haunt may be modest but I try to bring a level of artistry, lighting, and theatrics that will make Halloween memorable for our neighborhood. We average about 350+ trick 'r treaters every year not counting their parents and friends who gather on our driveway. My decor has evolved over the years as I moved from store bought props to made-from-scratch props that I build. I've gone from working by myself to having a few good fiends who all pitch in, climb the roof, unload boxes, and make many trips to the home improvement store.

The Early Years 2003-2008

Every story has a beginning and this is where my passion for Halloween took hold – in a haunted San Francisco flat and a suburban home next to a cemetery and down the street from the Winchester Mystery House! With just some simple decor here and there, this humble start led to what would become a major hobby ...and website ...and blog.

The Scream Team

I met Britta Peterson of in 2009 after interviewing her for this site about the second book she'd just published. We hit it off right away and found out she lived just 13 minutes from my house in Santa Clara, CA. Beyond my wildest nightmares, we started conspiring on Halloween projects! She's an amazing mentor who has given me to the confidence to build my own props, shown me so many new skills (including being a human clamp), and also happens to throw spectacular parties. Together with her engineer husband, Ghoulish Glen, we form The Scream Team, toiling away the summer on Halloween projects. They just moved to a (haunted?) Victorian mansion and you must see this house! Head over to her site or follow her on Instagram or Facebook.