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Haunted  Places  To  Visit  Before  You  Die

If you like your scares to be legitimately paranormal check out these haunted places. Behind every haunting is fascinating history and gruesome goings-on. Click through at your own risk.

Can Ghosts Cause Harm You?

Ghost hunters on TV warn viewers to never try this at home as they enter a haunted place. This builds suspense but in reality, lock downs involve hours of waiting around to catch the slightest noise. But ghosts don't hurt people. Hunters are more often hurt by everyday things like loose floorboards, toxic fumes, electrical fields, and the hysterical run & stumble.

While specialists have video proof of unexplained phenomena, the hard scientific community is not convinced. Science demands repeatability of an event to be considered verifiable.

Psychologists are convinced ours minds are the true cause. The brain is not largely understood and it may be fooling you about paranormal activity, leading to distress, anxiety, and even physical ailments. This is especially true of highly susceptible individuals. Suddenly, something that's supposed to be fun is not.

I've been exploring the paranormal for many years and have done so carefully, reading books, attending seminars, and consulting experts. You must possess an open mind, psychological stability, spiritual sense of self, and most importantly be equally a believer and skeptic. There's no definitive answers... yet.

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13 Signs Your Home May Be Haunted

Hauntings may come in many forms. Some are just impressions of past events. Some play on a loop unaffected by anything or anyone else. Others are decidedly more active in trying to communicate. Some common signs are:

  1. Electric items turning on/off

  2. Objects disappear then reappear or rearrange

  3. Feeling of being watched

  4. Strange animal behavior

  5. Recurring event at the same time every day

  6. Cold spots

  7. Unexplained smells

  8. Sudden emotional bursts, unusual thoughts or dreams

  9. Hand or foot prints, or strange handwriting appear

  10. Strange noises, whispers, voices or music

  11. Shaking

  12. Figures, lights, or shadows 

  13. Being touched, grazed, pushed or held down

Learn more do about hauntings and what to do about them at ThoughtCo's Paranormal Site. You'll find many other ghostly articles of interest in this incredibly thorough site.

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A Glossary of the Paranormal Things

If faced with a being of an otherworldly nature, it's important to STOP. DROP everything in your hands. And RUN and do not look back. After you have reached a safe zone, try to decipher the experience and identity your monster.

Banshee – An ethereal female spirit of Irish descent seen as an omen of death; can usually be heard weeping or moaning loudly

Bogeyman - A shapeless entity that inhabits dark places like closets or basements; powered by fear but can be defeated by turning your back to it.

Demon - a malevolent spirit that was not previously human; very dangerous and difficult to extricate; considered fallen angels in biblical text

Doppelganger – from German descent; a ghostly double of a living person is seen as an omen of danger, illness or death; often seen in mirrors, photos and video

Dybbuk - a malicious possessing spirit of Jewish folklore said to be a dislocated soul of a dead person with unfinished business

Ghost – Previously human spirits than linger in a house or near a place of death; can be either intelligent or residual in nature and typically benevolent

Ghoul – Arabic in nature, this shape shifting demon inhabits burial grounds and feasts on freshly laid corpses; very strong and fast.


Goblin – an evil, mischievous and grotesquely disfigured creature lives in caves, hollowed out trees, or abandoned houses; insatiable appetite

Hobgoblin – ugly, small and hairy man-like creatures found inside older houses, often pull troublesome pranks at night and are very hard to get rid of.

Mothman – seen first in West Virginia and described a winged man-like creature with glowing red eyes; appears before disasters with high casualties


Poltergeist – physical disturbances, noises or thrown objects caused by a spirit; now linked to telekinesis and emotional outbursts of girls going through puberty

Shadow People – demonic dark forms that menace or attack people; appear first in peripheral vision; once spotted they can follow you indefinitely

Troll – very short, impish forest creatures are notorious thieves, eat children and small animals, but can be killed if exposed to sunlight.

Vampire – of European lineage, these nocturnal creatures drink blood from living hosts to survive; said to have mind control over weaker creatures; must be invited across a doorway

Wendigo – Native American demon lives in remote wilderness and survives by eating human flesh; practices dark magic and can possess people to do its bidding

Werewolf – a human that turns into a rabid wolf at each full moon; affliction is passed through a bite; must be killed with silver bullet or dagger

Witch – women who gained supernatural powers in a pact with the devil; though immortal, their bodies become warty, grey and extremely weathered with age.

Zombie – reanimated corpses with no emotion or thought; led only by strong instincts and a desire to eat brains; sometimes summoned by voodoo incantations

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