Vive la Vida Espantosa 

A Curious Collection of Tricks, Treats & Wicked Works!

Bienvenidos to Señor Scary, my personal celebration of Halloween, haunts & horror for the darkest night of the year. I’ve gathered my favorite projects, recipes & resources. And my photo albums that feature my award-winning home haunt & Halloween village. And if you like horror, check out my blog. Keep on eye on the clock to the right – The Witching Hour, or La Noche de Las Brujas, is soon upon us!

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Who is Señor Scary?

My name is Jerry Robredo, and I'm a Halloween home haunter & graphic designer who geeks out on horror films, folklore & fantasmas. Muy espooky! As the Editor-in-Mischief, I created this site over 13 years ago to archive my dreadful projects and share my Halloween fun. Read more about me. Want to pick my brain? Find me here:

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