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A Whole Lot of LORE

If you like podcasts, you must search for the LORE podcast. Every 2 weeks you get a spellbinding history lesson about some the greatest horror stories ever told. Each is carefully researched and only facts are presented. What you make of the evidence is up to you – and the stuff that folklore is made of.

Writer and producer Aaron Mahnke created the podcast in 2015 and soon earned recognition and awards from the Academy of Podcasters, The Atlantic, Entertainment Weekly and iTunes. As of 2017, he's also had over 90 million listens - quite super for a supernatural e podcast. After roughly 70 episodes, we're about to get a lot more Lore.

Available today is the beautifully illustrated hardcover book, The World of Lore: Monstrous Creatures. This is the first of three planned books, and features stories from from the podcast. Early supporters of the podcast used to get PDF transcripts of the show and most of us thought, 'Gee, this would make a great book.' I'm very excited that this has come to pass.

Bringing the podcast to life is the tv show, LORE, premiering this Friday the 13th exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. It's produced by the folks behind The Walking Dead and The X-Files, with six episodes comprising the first season. Not much is known about the format. Will it be more an anthology show like Tales from the Crypt or Paranormal Witness re-enactments with interspersed interviews? We'll see soon enough.

Add to this the East Coast and Southwest legs of the Lore Live 2017 Tour (next stops include Philadelphia, Washington DC, Charlotte, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin and Denver), and the Lore: A Haunting Experience attraction in Los Angeles, running October 5-November 12. Whew. That's a lot for the little podcast that could!

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