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Beistle for Beginners

The Beistle Company is the oldest and largest manufacturer of party decor since 1900! They partnered with a Paper Novelty Company in 1921 and pioneered honeycomb tissue paper decorations and launched their first seasonal line for a then little known holiday called Halloween.

With its popular diecut paper skeletons, witches, black cats and jack o' lanterns, Beistle would establish what would become the look and feel for Halloween in America, and established the color palette of orange and black!

The Beistle Company has since keep a line of Halloween paper goods available for purchase through their website as well as many retailers.

In more recent times, the reverence of this "vintage Halloween" decor has launched a cottage industry where collectors spend hundreds of dollars acquiring original pieces, and many modern artists reinterpret the original designs as three dimensional pieces. Check out some of these great sites for more: (a personal favorite!)

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