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Best Horror of 2023

Finally catching up on releases from 2023 and have assembled my list of favorite horror movies and series. This is always a tough list since art is subjective and we don't all agree. The golden rule is that every film is not made for me and sometimes I respond and sometimes I don't. I've watched a lot of horror movies and assess films by how successful they are within that category, sub-genre, budget (mainstream/indie), and the overall releases (I've seen) for that year.

To see my full list of notes on each of these films, please visit my Letterboxd.

Runners Up


Other Notable Films

Bones and All

The Boogeyman

Deliver Us



The Nun II

The Outwaters

Satanic Hispanics

Sister Death

Smoking Causes Coughing

Suitable Flesh

There's Something in the Barn

There's Something Wrong with the Children

Totally Killer


We Have A Ghost

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