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Halloween Wrap-Up 2013

It took an army of fiends, but we got through the night and handed out candy to 348 trick 'r treaters. That's almost 100 more than last year! During the deluge of souls, I lurked outside to hear the comments, and many people remembered not only our house, but our specific decorations (which I rotate from year to year). I don't know why, but I find that so surprising.

This year I added a projection to our front window (my first foray into more technologically-advanced decor) and most people loved it – a few were turned off by the "gore" and a few even passed our house saying it was too scary (while their kids rubbernecked with wide-eyes). Halloween is supposed to be scary!

I was asked why I do this and my response is simple: to keep Halloween traditions alive. I want these kids to grow up and remember that weird house with all the scary lights, music and monsters. A few of them will wake up one day and realize that they have a yearning to create and share new Halloween memories with others, and the cycle continues. Halloween is in the blood. You can't learn to love it. It's a passion that's just there from the beginning, waiting to surface and fill your life with dark happiness.

What a great night! One of the best by far.

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