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How to Hand Out Candy Safely This Halloween

As Covid-19 continues to rage on in our country (wear a mask!) its becoming clear that Halloween will not be saved. With 106 days to go, it's time to start planning for those kids who do come to our yard haunts and want a treat. I've been thinking about how to do this safely since reaching into a bowl or hand-to-hand handling will not be safe for everyone. I bought a bag of orange clothespins last fall for no reason other than the color. (Yes, I'm obsessed with the color. Guess the color of my car, home office, work office, and everything else.) I'm thinking that the safest way to give out treats is to hang them from twine and keep them apart from one another. The twine will eventually go through the center hole of the spring to keep it on the line, and the waxy paper used to wrap candy gives enough grip to stay put while also yielding easily with pressure. The candy will go from the bag to the clothespin, with my mask on and gloves on, of course. The tots tug the treat off the line without touching anything else, and it will be in the open air instead of coming to the front door. And yes, I'll be prepared if kids take more than one – because that's the Halloween spirit! I've been testing this in my office and tomorrow I'll test in the backyard to see if wind, birds or other elements will knock them off. The sun will melt the chocolate so that also has to be factored into the timing. And I will need to refill the lines often but chances are that many parents won't let kids trick 'r treat this year. If they come, I will be ready! How are you planning to hand out candy safely – or will the porch light be off this year? Message me using the form on the right column, or tweet @senorscaryjerry.

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