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The Most Famous Haunted Places of the World

Some places are just ripe with paranormal activity and instantly make believers out of skeptics. Some of these locations are more famous than others due to televised documentaries and ghost hunting reality shows. Here are five of these well-known locations that you more than likely heard of at some point.

The Tower of England

London, England

Who hasn’t heard of the Tower of England? With a 900-year history of imprisonment, torture, and execution, how can this place not be haunted? The landmark was built in 1078 and occupied by William the Conqueror. One of the most famous ghosts that reside in the tower is none other than Anne Boleyn, the wife of King Henry VIII. She was convicted of treason and beheaded. Just as eerie is the sightings of two children ghosts, believed to be the spirits of two princes that were murdered after being deemed illegitimate by Parliament.

Luxor Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas, Nevada

Luxor Hotel is massive with nearly 4,500 rooms spread over 30 floors. It’s the epicenter of the Las Vegas nightlife, especially with its extensive casino history. During its construction in the early 1990s, at least three construction workers were killed. Two guests also took their own lives by leaping off the elevator walkway onto the casino ground floor. In 2007, there was also an explosion caused by a homemade bomb that claimed the life of one guest. Floors 12 and 14 are especially said to be ripe with paranormal activity, including a female apparition sighting.

Fort George

Nova Scotia, Canada

Photo: Visit ScotlandFort George is often said to be Canada’s most haunted location. The star-shaped fort was built in 1749, and numerous ghost sightings have been reported over the generations. This includes the apparition of a soldier who is seen wandering in several of the rooms that was previously a prison area. Another apparition is an old lady who is only seen in the reflection of mirrors. Visitors have also routinely seen the ghost of a small girl that sometimes accompanies guests during group tours.

Lawang Sewu

Semarang, Indonesia

Lawang Sewu was built in 1917 as the primary headquarters for the Dutch East Indies Railway Company. The facility was occupied by Japanese forces during World War II where it was used as a prison. Many inmates were reportedly harshly interrogated and some executed. Numerous more soldiers were killed when the place was retaken by Dutch forces, causing an ensuing battle. Finally, there have been numerous reports of a female apparition, believed to be that of a woman who took her own life. Her suicide was captured on tape during the filming of a television program.

Poveglia Island


Photo: Daily MailThe Poveglia Island served as a quarantine center during the Bubonic Plague outbreak in the 14th-century and again in the 1600s when the Black Plague ravaged Venice. Men, women, and children who exhibited symptoms of the disease were ferried to the island to spend their final moments on Earth. The island and the accompanying facility has been closed since 1975, and many locals dare not step foot on the island due to fears of roaming apparitions and a curse. Local fisherman also dare not fish in the area.

These famous haunted sites continue to draw the interest of anyone fascinated with thrills and chills. These people hope for an experience that would convince them that ghosts truly roam the world of the living.


Ashley Williamson is an architecture student from the U.K. and a lover of the supernatural, who always loves to explore places with spooky histories.

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