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Have Horror Movies Changed the Way You Live?

Buzzfeed posted an interesting article about the 14 Ways Horror Movies Ruined Your Life. I wouldn't go so far as saying "ruined" but maybe made you question certain behaviors. A steady diet of scary movies will inevitably supercharge the imagination, but the following adapted list holds the undeniable truths:

  1. Checking behind the bathroom curtain will expose the serial killer hiding there.

  2. Looking at the bathroom cabinet mirror as it closes will result in someone standing behind you.

  3. Waking between 3:00–3:33am means your house is absolutely haunted.

  4. Playing with ouija boards is the easiest way to get possessed.

  5. Whining from a fidgety dog confirms a ghostly presence, home invasion, or looming natural disaster.

  6. Stepping down into a dark basement ensures you are entering a portal to hell.

  7. Looking in a rear view mirror at night ensures that something evil will be in the backseat.

  8. Dangling limbs off the bed is tempting the monster under the bed to get you.

  9. Staring into a dark closet is a direct challenge to the boogeyman within.

  10. Staying in a hotel built before 1980 is guaranteed to result in paranormal activity.

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