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Ouija Drives Cleaning Ladies from My House

Okay this sounds made up but it's a true story. I purchased a rather cool ouija board prop in August and planchette zips across the board in a very realistic manner. It's motion activated and it sits on my dining table.

Next thing I know, I received a call from the owner of our house cleaning service telling me that the ladies ran out in terror in the middle of cleaning, leaving behind equipment and overturned furniture. Yes. This actually happened and I had a lot of explaining to do. Once again, I found myself having to explain my love of Halloween, scary things, and that 'no' I wasn't a devil worshiper. Oy.

I was reminded of an incident a few years ago when I was testing and cleaning my fog machines and then a fireman shows up at my front door. A concerned neighbor thought our house was on fire. Granted that same week the house behind ours actually did catch on fire, so it's understandable that some were on edge. And now with all the Northern California fires I'm afraid to even run the fog machines. What is a yard haunter to do?

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