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Best Horror of 2019

That's a wrap on 2019 and another wealth of horror movies have left their mark. The mash-up genre trend continues as well as the odes to the memorable if not great films of the late 70s & 80s. New indie voices continue to dominate the VOD home market as film distribution bypass the erratic theatrical runs in favor of streaming. This is definitely a victory for horror & genre fans as we are getting to see a great variety of films. Below is a list of my favorite movies for 2019, as well as a list of honorable mentions that must be seen.

1. The Lighthouse - Madness & monsters overcome two isolated men is this masterpiece.

2. In Fabric - A haunted dress arthouse horror with humor & style to burn.

3. Daniel Isn’t Real - Old-school & disturbing horror show with a serious agenda.

4. Doctor Sleep - An inspired Shining sequel that furthers the story with great new evils.

5. Tigers Are Not Afraid - Deeply moving & ghostly fantasy that is much too real for comfort.

6. Ready or Not - A funny survival movie with a brilliant ensemble and epic finale.

7. Knife+Heart - A Giallo queer horror slasher fantasy that delivers across all fronts.

8. Little Monsters - Hilarious, clever, and full of heart which transcends gimmicky zombie set-up.

9. Midsommar - Harrowing exploration of sorrow & betrayal presented as a daytime nightmare.

10. Wounds - Hallucinogenic trip down a Cronenberg/Lovecraft road.

11. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark - Del Torro’s loving ode to the iconic book series.

12. Horror Noire - An essential lesson on Black History with past & present significance.

The following are my honorable mentions that are incredible films and should be seen.


Crawl - A stormy gator thrill ride that delivers fully on a promise.

Happy Death Day 2U - The way good sequels add to the story and don’t just rehash.

Us - A tense, baffling & bleak cultural thriller that keeps you guessing.

Black Christmas - An excellent slasher from a feminist POV, crucial message & wonky twist.

It: Chapter Two - A different monster but still showcases a master at work & epic conclusion.


Climax - An entrancing fever dream with a nonstop beat and chaotic madness.

One Cut of the Dead - Meta horror comedy at its finest & most unexpected.

Braid - It's oddly structured & often inscrutable but maddening visuals are a must-see.

Hagazussa - A deeply upsetting & macabre tale that ends with more questions than answers.

Head Count - A devious, clever, and genre pushing answer to teen slasher films.

I Trapped the Devil - A somber Christmas-set drama that questions loyalty & sanity.


Starfish - An apocalyptic arthouse horror with Lovecraftian echoes & visuals.

High Life - A quiet, bleak & often perverse Kubrickian sci-fi thriller.

Await Further Instructions - An eerie family survival film with a truly frightful ending.


Piercing - Polished camera work & characters you can't quit bash each other to pieces.

Border - Compelling character piece about the beast in all of us is obtuse & melancholic.

Beast - Genre defying drama questions love & the evil at the corners of our happiness.

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