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You Can't Keep Christine McConnell Down

I've been a big huge fan of Christine McConnell and have followed her from Instagram to her book, Deceptive Desserts, to her Netflix show, The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell. Sadly the show got the axe but you can't keep a good woman down for long.

She has just launched a new YouTube series called "From the mind of Christine McConnell" which will feature a new project every month. Each video will follow the project from beginning to end. July's video has her transforming a pullout couch she bought on Craigslist into an Edwardian masterpiece. This is absolutely a jaw-dropping transformation.

If you are like me, and can't get enough, consider becoming a Christine McConnell Patreon subscriber and get a coffin full of extras including exclusive project videos, Q&A livestreams, recipes, tools & instructions, and more, depending on your tier.

I'm so delighted to see Christine McConnell back on screens. She is such a talented and inspiring artist. It must also be noted how exquisite the production design, camera work and lighting is in her premiere video, and the music is so hauntingly beautiful. Brava!

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