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visiting hours

This is a fully outdoor, walk-around display in Santa Clara, California.

October 15–31, 2024

7pm to 9pm

Beware and be safe! The owners assume no responsibility for stumbles, fumbles, frights, or any injury to mind, body, or soul!
Proceed at your own risk!



Los Muertos Cemetery is a celebration of Halloween, a tribute to the Latinos who once lived on this land in Santa Clara, California, and a way to honor my Mexican heritage. Mexican culture is rooted in both spiritual and mystical beliefs, and unlike American culture, these two belief systems co-exist and even support one another. As a result, there is a rich folklore that persists in the minds, bodies and souls of the Mexican people. Some ghostly figures are meant to heed warnings or serve as cautionary tales, while others are just spooky. To some, this is just spirited storytelling, but I assure you there is much truth to unearth. In Los Muertos Cemetery you will find Legends of Mexican Folklore, and every year another figure will emerge. Muy espooky!

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award Winner 


City of Santa Clara Cultural Commission

Halloween Decorating Contest, District 3


City of Santa Clara Cultural Commission

Halloween Decorating Contest, District 3


City of Santa Clara Cultural Commission

Halloween Decorating Contest, District 3


City of Santa Clara Cultural Commission

Halloween Decorating Contest: Most Original

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La Llorona

The most popular of Mexican folklore is La Llorona, or the crying woman, a mythical figure of vengeance and regret. She is one of several key figures in Mexican culture which include Virgen de Guadalupe and Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte...

La Lechuza

It's said that if you spot a giant white owl in the night sky is it likely La Lechuza – don't look at her face! She is a shapeshifting old witch set out to take revenge to drunk men who wander out late at night. She might lure them with a whistle or the sound of baby crying...


note to parents

The display gets spookier after dusk as the lights, sounds, and fog roll in. There's no gore, but there are ghostly figures and lots of skeletons. There are no actors that jump out to scare you – but there are spiders... everywhere. Candy (chocolate/nut and non-chocolate) will be handed out on Halloween night. We strive to accommodate every child that visits and give them a safe, fun, spooky night. Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can do better! Ask for Señor Scary Jerry at your visit.

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It takes a village to bring Halloween to my house, and I so deeply grateful to my many contributors, whether that's of their time or funds!


help me make Halloween! 

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