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Halloween is Back!

Halloween seems to be back in full force and we even managed to top 2019's trick 'r treater count to 428! I wasn't prepared. I had 150 treat bags ready to go figuring the pandemic would affect traffic, but my entire inventory disappeared in about 1 hour. My fiends (Sam, Adrienne, Mary, Susie, Julie, Tiffany who just stopped by, and Troy) sprung into action and formed an assembly line to fill ALL the candy bags we had left. Craig was posted at the candy table, and Danna sprinted to the store to get more candy – but our fate was inevitable. Everything we had disappeared into tiny hands. This was the first time in 12 years of home haunting that I had to post an "Out of Candy" sign.

I also attended Eerie Elegance's Halloween Party at their gorgeous Victorian mansion. Held in their lavish gardens, the party certainly made it feel like a "normal year" again. I won a Creepy Cuisine prize for my Pumpkin Scream Puffs (recipe coming soon), and Best Masks.

Speaking of prizes, we also won the City of Santa Clara's Halloween Decorating Contest (District 3) for the 3rd year in a row. It's always an honor to be recognized for your work and I am so grateful to the Cultural Commission. I'm even more grateful to our neighbors who passed along so much encouraging and supportive feedback. The sentiment was clear: people of all ages love Halloween and they thanked for keeping the spooky feeling alive and present in the neighborhood. I received so many genuine and thoughtful comments of excitement and awe. Woohoo!!!!

And finally, our family grew with the addition of Texas (or Tex), a spunky and bite-y cutie pie devil, who we've nicknamed Toast. It's only fitting that his costume would be Texas toast.

I hope you had a Scary Halloween. Thank you for reading the blog and visiting the site. As any enthusiast will tell you, Halloween is not just a day on the calendar. It is a way of life. Stick around and see how I make every day a little scary.

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