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Halloween Wrap-Up 2015

Another Halloween is dead and buried! As a purist, I tear down my front yard display before noon after Halloween. I'm hoping some of our neighbors will think, "Did that really happen or was it just a bad dream?" Although they are more likely thinking, "Thank goodness that house is normal again." Now to figure out how to store all that awesome stuff.

We had perfect weather for Halloween night and ended up with 366 trick 'r treaters! Being on a Saturday I noticed the lil' ones had a late start around 7pm (usually they're at our front door by 5pm). Then the streets suddenly filled with hordes of walkers for two solid hours tapering off by 9:30pm. It's such a great way to meet neighbors and extended neighbors.

This year, I brought out Hekate the three-headed witch, first featured in 2013 although I added a tall hunched body, new arms, cat claws, and a toothy sneer. You take the hat off a witch and she suddenly becomes much more sinister! I imagined that she was in some deep forest shack where the elements have taken over, tree roots growing through the house, spiders everywhere, while she conjures up a skeleton army. A projection on the window (from the excellent had skeletons beating on the window!

The complete photo album is available here:

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