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My Scary Travels: Ireland 2015

Regarded as the birthplace of Halloween, our trip through Ireland was one of my favorite vacations to date. Since I am who I am, we asked a touring company there to prepare a haunted castle tour of the country. This request was a first for the touring company but they did their research and put together quite a bewildering and sprawling package. (It has since gone on to be their most popular package!) The castles were breathtaking and each presented some level of haunting that I never expected. We even had the opportunity to stay in three of the castles overnight, which was quite unnerving to be honest. Between the archaic facilities (you want me to shower where?) and the rampant ghostly activity, it was not for the faint of heart. And in the bowels of a very old church in Dublin, we even got to touch the corpse of a famous knight. We also discovered the best tasting food (that's what a potato is supposed to taste like?), the best hard cider on the planet, and the nicest people.

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