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My Scary Travels: Punkin' Chunkin' 2005

The doldrums between Halloween and Thanksgiving have given rise to the unofficial sport of Autumn: punkin chunkin! Smart farmers with mounds of rotting pumpkins leftover from the Halloween season devised a clever event where families and friends can launch gourds into the air. Using slingshots, or other motorized set-ups, the pumpkins fly through the air and crash down on a field, splattering into a gooey mess. Those with dexterity and understanding of physics can even win prizes for the farthest fling. And it fertilizes the fields for next year's crop! Read more about it here: Punkin Chunkin: The Official Sport of Autumn.

I finally had the opportunity to visit a local pumpkin farm and fling a few pumpkins, get lost in a corn maze, and sample local cider. What a fun autumn activity!

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