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Reviews: Fear Street, Werewolves Within, Censor, Gaia

Fear Street Part One: 1994 proved young adult lit can translate into effective horror with quite a bite. I wasn’t expecting that level gore or 90’s retro fun. It also pleases both serial killer & supernatural fans, setting up high expectations for the next 2 films. The queerness is a cherry on top!

Werewolves Within is more howling fun than bite with a loony cast that embodies serious comedy chops. Its blink & miss gags beg for repeated viewings but its smart humor won’t amuse everyone. It doesn’t land very smoothly but it’s quite the entertaining ride.

Censor takes on video nasties, the plight of public decency & personal obsessive demons. A harrowing lead performance glues together the unhinged, often dreamy narrative that’s more tragic than terrifying. A remarkable production design provides a distinct period aesthetic. And that glitchy ending is spectacular.

Gaia is a South African ecological horror fable that delivers a moody, slowly creeping ordeal in a remote forest. The concept of Mother Nature playing offense is chilling, with disturbing body horror that will haunt you. This well-made indie puts all of its money on-screen.

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