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Skinamarink [Review]

You are a child again, staring at the darkness of your own home, a place that should be safe but it is not. You've haven't been able to wake yourself from a nightmare that is getting worse. There is some evil force you don't understand and it has taken your parents, the doors, the windows, and the night never ends. This is the terrifying world of Skinamarink.

This movie is also not for casual horror fans. It's slow, experimental, repetitive, and has very little dialogue and few visible actors. But the horror is there, if watched unblinking, and it is consuming, disorienting, challenging, and an ASMR nightmare. In defying a standard narrative approach, the filmmaker has created an experience of horror unlike many seen today. Horror fans scream for original content and an end to sequels and reboots, and this is the antidote.

But you must be willing to go the journey. And it has to be a solitary journey. Just you, the TV, late at night when it's dark, cold, and quiet, and you must be completely undisturbed. You must be transfixed on the proceedings with no cell phone or tablet in your hand. If this sounds like a lot of rules for one movie, you are right. A lot is asked of the viewer but by the end, you will fear toys, imagine disembodied voices as you submit the comforting blanket of fear covering you. You will submit to its deeply unsettling wavelength and it will make your skin crawl.

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