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Target's Creepy Plants are Back! ...And Already Sold Out

Last year, Target put out a line of creepy faux Halloween plants. They were WILDLY popular and most stores never received any stock. There's another chance this year, but we'll probably not get them this year either. Apparently, there was some undisclosed presale and they're already sold out. They will be officially "released" on August 27 according to the site so maybe there will be more stock? I chatted with a Target merchandising manager, and she said seasonal items are stocked once and done. But they sometimes will shift stock from store to store if it's not selling.

Here's what they have (**had**) available this year:

Update: It appears that Target listened to customer complaints! Many of these plants saw there way onto store shelves in September and are more easy to find. Use the mobile app to try to locate one in a store, but it and pick it up later. Thanks to Chris for giving the great hack to use SKUs and the app to find stock!

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