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The Best Horror TV Shows of 2021

With so many streaming services comes an abundance TV shows to binge-watch! 2021 had a surprising amount out horror, thrillers, and suspense shows to pick from. Here are my favorites.


  1. Them (Amazon Prime) – Terrifying and traumatic on so many levels, the show tackles the brutality of racism, 1950s America, and haunted house terrors.

  2. Brand New Cherry Flavor (Netflix) – Odd and indescribable mix of the darker side of Hollywood, curses, kittens, and gory mischief with a solid cosmic horror/Twin Peaks vibe.

  3. Evil, Season 2 (Paramount+) – The second season of this horror procedural gets darker and more fun now that's its not shackled to broadcast TV.

  4. Chucky (SyFy) – Who could imagine a TV show about a well-worn horror franchise could be so fun, fresh and imaginative?

  5. Midnight Mass (Netflix) – A grim and melancholy slowburn about Catholicism, regret, death, spiritual collapse and awakening also features a vampire onslaught.

  6. 30 Coins (HBO Max) - A Spanish religious-tinged horror mystery with a charismatic cast and some great action scenes and twists that keep you guessing to the end.

  7. What We Do In The Shadows, Season 3 (FX+Hulu) – The world's best comic cast gathers for a third installment of this seriously hilarious vampire-out-of-water show.

  8. Calls (Apple TV+) – An exciting experimental show that is a star-studded audio show with swirling motion graphics about the end of the world and the person trying to stop it.

  9. Squid Game (Netflix) – This Korean import pits greeds against childhood games resulting in tension and blood filled spectacles where nothing is held back.

  10. Ghosts (CBS) – Based on the British show, this charming comedy has a delightful cast and good writing that is both a funny and touching exploration of life and the afterlife.


  • Creepshow, Season 2 (Shudder) – Old school horror with tongue-in-cheek glint - woohoo!

  • Servant, Season 2 (Apple TV+) – This second season of this quietly sinister show keeps building its darkly angelic subtext while still frustratingly cagey about the big picture.

  • Wellington Paranormal (HBO Max) – A hilarious spin-off of What We Do in the Shadows features two witless police persons in a special paranormal unit.

  • Mil Colmillos/Thousand Fangs (HBO Max) – This Columbian import mixes The Descent, The Ruins, and Lost with a tension-filled and exhilarating ride.

  • Yellowjackets (Showtime) – A survivalist show and a slasher show combine in a darkly riveting take on the American psyche and the quest for survival and revenge.

  • The Haunted Museum (Discovery+) – If you can't get to Zak Bagans Las Vegas museum, you can still see some his haunted treasures and their wicked stories.

  • Haunted: LatinoAmericano (Discovery+) – Real people confront their supernatural experiences in this chilling docuseries.

  • Lisey's Story (Apple TV+) – Stephen King's quiet story ruminates on the aftermath of loss and goes to some strange places for answers.

  • Chapelwaite (Epix) – This prequel to Stephen King's Salems Lot takes it time to lull you with it's period piece grit and sad life of one family who must confront the original vampires.

  • Behind Her Eyes (Netflix) – A French import has it all: a lusty love triangle, unexpected twists, and even a thrilling supernatural angle you won't see coming.

  • Dr. Brain (Apple TV+) – This Korean sci-fi thriller poses the question we all wonder: can you tap into the mind of a recently deceased person –or cat– to invade their memories?

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