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The Extraordinary Career of Ed & Lorraine Warren

After seeing The Amityville Horror as an adult, I became obsessed over the many details of the haunting, the Lutz's story, and the purported hoax. I was then introduced to Ed & Lorraine Warren who investigated the Amityville house, and began following their other infamous cases, and the numerous TV appearances. Last year's hit movie, The Conjuring, introduced The Warrens to mainstream audiences and now they seem to be manifesting everywhere. Last September they released an ebook and audiobook version of their classic book, The Demologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed & Lorraine Warren. The first printing of the book was back in 1980 , and it received three subsequent printings prior to this 2013 release.

The book covers some of The Warren's notable cases, their selfless approach to dangerous work, and a brief introduction to The New England Society for Psychic Research, which they founded. Like many readers, I wasn't prepared for what lies in these pages and I had to put the book down and away from sight. You know it's going to be a fight of good versus evil, but it was shocking to hear the details of how evil works, thinks and behaves. It's clear that Ed Warren had a profound understanding of otherworldly phenomenon. He's seen things that most men would never be able to tolerate and juts the few details shared in this book were more than I could handle.

Anyone interested in paranormal studies should put this book on the top of their list. Those with a curiosity in the occult or amateur ghost hunters should also read this book and heed the warning. The Warrens believe that knowledge and awareness of the preternatural is the first defense against evil. It was their life’s goal to dispel the doubters (they don’t need to convince anyone that these things exist), help the afflicted, and prevent the proliferation of evil. Evil is all around us and waiting for any permission to get in.

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