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How to Create a Halloween Village: Chapter 2

Types of Displays

A display showcases your buildings creating a scary scene, provides an attractive layout with a variety of levels for interest, with hidden cords to complete the illusion.To decide what type of display to create consider how much space you have available: a dining table, fireplace mantle, bookshelf, folding table, or corner table. You'll need reliable access to electricity with no extension cords  to create fire or tripping hazards. A display can be as elaborate or simple as you want, and depending on the size of your collection and crafting level, there are three different approaches. Keep in mind you can have more that one display in different areas.



Group one or two buildings together along with a complementary accessories like a tree and fence, and set up on an end table, mantle or even as centerpiece on the dining table. Rather than having one large village, you create various focal points throughout a room or home. You can make a small base for this or go simpler by stacking old books, props, or maybe a jack-o-lantern to tie a theme together. Realism is not the goal here but rather a simple display to showcase the building themselves. Vignettes come together quickly, easily, and without much crafting involved – but still delivers a spooky feeling! This method is perfect when you start a new collection or if want  group similar themed buildings together.

Tabletop Display


This is a more elaborate version of a vignette utilizing more buildings and accessories, plus more attention to detail to the environment. As more buildings are added, it's important to vary the levels which creates interest and avoids obscuring buildings in the background. How you create your layout also matters, as you might want to create spacial relationships the buildings. The goal is more a realistic approach with roads, sidewalks, stairs, that begin to represent actual landscapes. Some attention should also be paid to background. And you are not limited to tables. You can clear out a row of books from a shelf and use that for a display, a great idea to keep these fragile things from the little gremlins living in the house.

Elaborate Installation

More advanced villagemakers choose to create custom-built platforms, using foam to create nightmarish scenes. More attention is placed to mood, lighting,  backgrounds, and dynamic layouts to create an artistic display. Using some advanced techniques, and special tools, foam is carved into various shapes and textures. With a little paint and inspiration, your village can sit on a rocky slab, a sloping mountain side, or be hidden in a deep, cavernous cave. The process is not difficult, but does require learning the techniques to create these effects. Luckily there are some great sources to learn from, such as the Village Display Tips books & videos, Hot Wire Foam Factory, and countless YouTube videos.

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