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Eerie Elegance Reimagined

I met my dear friend Britta Peterson while posting about Halloween books on my main site in 2010. I loved her book Enhanced Eerie Elegance and noted in the publication data that she was living in Santa Clara, CA where I had just bought a house. We met and have been friends ever since. We have even collaborated on projects as the Scream Team, alongside her husband Glen, a fearless engineer and mad scientist behind their technical wizardry of their home haunts. He tolerates my tomfoolery and happens to be a great guy with a sort of acceptable taste in horror movies.

Her brand, Eerie Elegance, has been going through an evolution, and as a graphic designer I jumped the chance at taking a stab at her new logo. Even though she's was wary to give up control, rightfully so since she's been cultivating her brand for over two decades, she agreed to let me work my wicked magic. We came up with a great new look that I think will benefit her whimsical, spooky take on Halloween.

Britta bought a dream house – a Victorian mansion – last Halloween and this year, we arranged for a spooky photo shoot. I am very proud of this work and think the resulting images are quite stunning. Take a look at a few of my favorites below.

You can find Britta at or follow her on Instagram or Facebook page where she has been documenting the remodeling of her Victorian Mansion. And of course, she has written three Halloween books that are quite fun.

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